Truls Krane Meby // a northern-norwegian filmmaker
a northern-norwegian filmmaker


My short "Everybody Is Present" is now online

My 2014 short "Everybody Is Present" is now online for viewing. It's the result of a mostly unscripted shoot, and what little script there was certainly isn't left in the film. Pretty much every line in the film as it is now, was improvised by the actors. 

We shot a great deal of footage of the main sequence in the film, that I knew would be the focal point of the short, but we also shot a ton of other scenes I thought we'd need, but which ended up being discarded in favor of focusing only on this one situation. 

That situation alone carried all the implications I wanted to explore, about closeness and technology, that despite the physical boundaries that separate you from the people you communicate with online, there can be intense moments of connection.