Truls Krane Meby // a northern-norwegian filmmaker
a northern-norwegian filmmaker





Walid (17) has fled from Syria to the Arctic Circle. As his family is stuck in the Balkans, on the border of the EU, Walid has to help them cross it, over the phone, from the streets of a northern Norwegian fishing village.

Produced by MER FILM and Ragna Nordhus Midtgard.

Starring Jawad Alkadhmani

Cinematography by Benjamin Loeb

OPENING FILM Films from the North - Tromsø International Film Festival 2018

SPECIAL MENTION at InterFilm 2018

Palm Springs Shortsfest 2018

The Norwegian Short Film Festival 2018

Bergen International Filmfestival 2018

Encounters Festival 2018 - Films from the Arctic

Northern Character 2018

Umeå European Film Festival 2018


Bodø Film Festival 2019

North x North 2019

The Festival of Tolerance 2019

Hamarama 2019

Film Island, HOUSE OF NORWAY at Frankfurt Book Fair 2019

Review by Aleksander Huser (in Norwegian)

Supported by The Norwegian Film Institute, The Northern Norwegian Film Center, and The Cultural Business Development Foundation of SpareBank1 Nord-Norge.