Truls Krane Meby // a northern-norwegian filmmaker
a northern-norwegian filmmaker
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Good Machine Gun Sound

A short film about a young boy's first encounter with death, by Truls Krane Meby.


Good Machine Gun Sound

God Maskingeværlyd


Make an RRRR sound. Then make small bursts of Ts that force themselves through the r’s. A good machine gun sound. Now go play.

Arvid is eight years old when he encounters death for the first time. We float with him through the strange landscape of grief that now surrounds him.

Leuven Short Film Festival 2015

Tromsø International Film Festival 2014 -- won The Rookie Award

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles, August 2014 -- nominated for Best Foreign Short 2014

New Orleans International Film Festival 2014

A Long Week of Short Films, Shanghai 2015

Middle Coast Festival 2015

Salón International de la Luz, Bogota 2014

Nordkapp Filmfestival 2014

Filmfest Lofoten 2015


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Erlend Antonsen Meløy, Jermund Hermansen, Maria Bock, Klaus L. Bergli

Screenwriter, director, editor
Truls Krane Meby

Cathrine T. Sørensen

Benjamin Loeb

Henning Høifødt